Good news: Renal denervation for treatment of high blood pressure

Cardiologist Mahmood Razavi, M.D., demonstrates the latest technique — renal denervation, or RND — in evaluating and treating high blood pressure.

2 thoughts on “Good news: Renal denervation for treatment of high blood pressure

  1. marie lorraine parrilla on said:

    Is it all right to drink all together the following supplementary vitamins of my age 59 years old: 1. Spring valley for hair, skin, & nail plus biotin 1000mcg 2. Spectators senior multivitamin/multilingual with antioxidant vitamins C,E & Beta-Carotene 3. Natural fish oil 1200mg heart,joint & skin health total omega-3 fatty acids 360mg 4. Calcium 600+D ups 5. Lecithin 1200mg nervous system health supports healthy nerve & brain function 6. E vitamin 400 I.U. helps maintain a healthy heart 7. CoQ-10 200mg heart, nerve & muscle heart support cardiovascular health and 8. Folic Acid 400 mg ALSO, DR. MY CHOLESTEROL RISE TO 273 and MY LOL IS 179 BUT MY JFK IS 78 + MY HORMONES/VITAMINS – VITAMIN D IS 31. Thank you so much Dr. your program is really amazing and very informative. Thank you again and more power.

    • admin on said:

      Thanks for watching the show. As far as supplements go, the ones with the most-proven benefits are:
      1. fish oil, 2000mg per day
      2. vitamin D3, about 2000u per day, then adjust to get vitamin D blood level less than 50
      3. aspirin, 81mg, if you have at least one risk factor for heart disease like high cholesterol, or high blood pressure, smoking, obesity or tobacco use
      4. Co Q 10, 200mg day, if you take “statins” for cholesterol or if you have muscle cramps. or weak heart muscle

      As far as vitamin E, lecithin, foiic acid, multivitamins, beta carotene and biotin, there is little evidence to support their use.

      As far as the cholesterol is concerned, it is very high and it needs to be addressed by diet and exercise, you may want to get en EBCT heart scan to see if you have coronary plaque (coronary calcium); if you do have plaque, you should have your cholesterol treated with medications. You can view our show on EBCT heart scans which we discussed on another segment, “The importance of heart CT scans,”‚Ķheart-ct-scans/.

      Dr. Santora

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