How-to: Public defibrillation machines

Defibrillation machines, often labeled “AED” — automated external defibrillation — have become more available in public spaces. Regina Faison, founder of the Derrick Faison Foundation, reviews the use of these machines, a device that might have saved the life of her husband, pro football player Derrick Faison. Anthony Chang, M.D., also examines the alarming rise in sudden cardiac death among student-athletes.

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Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women

Shalizeh Shokooh, M.D., co-medical director of the Women’s Heart Center at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, Calif., illuminates the risk factors of heart disease in women and what patients can do now to avoid a life-threatening heart attack.

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Re-enactment of emergency room procedure for heart attack

Larry Santora, M.D., and his emergency room team re-enact the day patient Carol Stedman had a heart attack. They re-examine every step of the event — from her emergency-room arrival through Dr. Santora’s insertion of a balloon stent into Stedman’s heart.

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Dick Butkus: Tackling steroid use in high school

Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Dick Butkus shares stories about his NFL career and his journey through five-way heart bypass surgery. He has also launched the I Play Clean program for high school athletes to combat a very serious steroid-usage problem.

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