Dick Butkus and Deacon Jones talk football

Pro Football Hall of Fame legends Dick Butkus and Deacon Jones came together May 4, 2012, for a lively discussion about their storied football careers — from Jones’ famed head slap and his historic coining of the term “quarterback sack” to Butkus’ singular “mean” style for playing the game and how that competitive attitude helped him after his pro football career. Jones, who was known as the “Secretary of Defense,” passed away June 3, 2013.

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“I may not be as proud of the ‘head slap’ as I once was.”

Part 1: Pro Football Hall of Fame players Dick Butkus and Deacon Jones engage in a very lively discussion about their extraordinary pro football careers, including the health risks associated with the game and how their playing days compare with today’s NFL. Both players have channeled their legendary status toward helping the community: Jones supports urban youth through the Deacon Jones Foundation, and Butkus focuses on student athletes and steroid awareness with his I Play Clean program.

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“If you’re going to take a bribe, then take a bribe.”

Part 2: Pro Football Hall of Fame players Dick Butkus and Deacon Jones continue their high-spirited conversation about the pros and cons of playing professional football — including their opinions on today’s bounties for defensive players.

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“No symptoms at all, but I required a five-way bypass.”

Part 3: Legendary football players Dick Butkus and Deacon Jones share the same birthday; both were inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and each had life-saving heart surgery.

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Fitness over 50

Danny McDermott was a champion weightlifter, and he used steroids. When he was just 36, he had a heart attack and life-saving, four-way bypass surgery. Today, he works with people of all levels of fitness and helps them re-think and improve their exercise and diet habits.

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Dick Butkus: Tackling steroid use in high school

Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Dick Butkus shares stories about his NFL career and his journey through five-way heart bypass surgery. He has also launched the I Play Clean program for high school athletes to combat a very serious steroid-usage problem.

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