Demonstration: Botox treatment

Dore Gilbert, M.D., medical director of the Newport Dermatology and Laser Associates in Newport Beach, demonstrates cosmetic Botox injections.

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Salty talk about your daily intake of sodium

If you don’t pay attention, you could be eating a lot more salt than you want. Larry Santora, M.D., and Heidi Cortese discuss exactly what you should be looking for on food labels for sodium intake.

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A day in the life of Dr. Larry Santora

A combination of the latest in medical technology, good old-fashioned physical exams and solid doctor-patient relationships are the hallmarks of care for cardiologist Larry Santora, M.D.

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Demonstration: Treatment of varicose veins

Bruce Hoyle, M.D., of the Advanced Vein Center in Orange, demonstrates laser treatment of varicose veins.

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Dick Butkus: Tackling steroid use in high school

Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Dick Butkus shares stories about his NFL career and his journey through five-way heart bypass surgery. He has also launched the I Play Clean program for high school athletes to combat a very serious steroid-usage problem.

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